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Chairman: Li Tiemei
General Manager: Zhou Xiaolan

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Titanos Win the Best TiO2 Dealer Award

Time£º2019-3-15 9:49:43Frequency£º1866

Titanos stands out from the rest in a recent nationwide online survey held by ICOAT.CC, and finally win the Best TiO2 Dealer Award.

The Titanos Group, founded in 1989, specializes in the sales and servicing of TiO2 (titanium dioxide, otherwise known as the "King of White Pigment"). With over two decades of commitment to mandate the "Titanos Expertise, Quality, and Service", the Titanos Group has evolved into the largest distribution channel and service provider of titanium dioxide in China, and commands significant market recognition and market shares in the industry.

With current exports to Asia, America, Europe, Oceania and Africa, the Titanos Group has already established stable and long term strategic relationships with numerous Fortune 500 companies. In 2012, its annual sales have exceeded one billion Chinese Yuan.

¡°We feel so honored to have this award,¡± says Tao Yang, Chairman of Titanos Group. ¡°Propelled by our product innovation, provision of high quality services, and effective sales channels, Titanos sales is forecasted to expand at an increasingly steady and rapid pace.¡±